So many of you are watching or have watched “Tidying Up” on Netflix. For those of you who haven’t yet… it is a show about organizing and purging and organizing some more. What I really love about Marie Kondo’s style of organization is her patience and method of realizing what items in your home truly bring you joy. It is especially important to remember that those things that don’t bring you joy or aren’t truly sentimental, can leave your home.

I have always been a bit extreme when it comes to cleaning and organization… I like for things to have a place or purpose and if they don’t, they can go. I often purge and re-organize spaces in our home. I love to keep our home clean and organized because that is what brings me joy. I also think it is so important to love your space and enjoy it!

Even if you are renting your home, make it a place/space you love to come home to and enjoy spending time in!! I have a few tips to help you to organize your space so that it works for you!

If you have a small kitchen… utilize your cabinet space to the best of your ability. Click below for some awesome cabinet solutions. The first step is to de-clutter! If you haven’t used it in over 6 months, toss it!

cabinet stackers.jpg  pan organizer  drawers for cabinet

To make optimal use out of your dressers and closets; try these methods…

Roll your clothes in the dressers as pictured below.

And utilize baskets; like the ones linked below, to utilize any shelves in your closets.

baskets 1.jpg baskets 2.jpg

Need more shelf space? Utilize the system linked here!

closet organizing

Once your kitchen and closets are organized, you will feel so much relief! I find myself staring in the closets because I love how they look now! They aren’t perfect but so much more functional when you can see everything and it is all organized. Here is a photo of Sofia’s closet.


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