Winter Decor

Well, it is not a secret that I am not a fan of winter. It just isn’t my favorite season. I am not a fan of the cold and the cloudy. To help get through it, I try and enjoy the winter decor and Valentine’s Day. Not because this season or holiday are my favorite, but because it keeps my mind off of this gloomy season.

To incorporate winter but eliminate the Christmas decor, I simply keep some of my greens and flocked greenery out. I add a few touches of color but keep things mostly neutral. Once spring is coming, I will add more pops of color and add even more pops of color in the summer.

I find all of my greenery at Hobby Lobby when it is half off. If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby, you can shop online. (Click the images below to shop)

greenery1  cottonstem ruscus bush

And then I just add a few touches of pink. My pinks are just accessories I found in the Target dollar spot or at Hobby Lobby. I don’t spend much on these items because they don’t stay up too long. (Click the links below to shop some items I found)

vday banner  vday towel valentines day wooden sign

All of the items linked above, including the dish towel, are under $10! Here are some photos of my Valentine’s Day and Winter Decor! Hope I inspired some of you to spruce up your spaces for winter/Valentine’s Day! Remember; you should love your home at any time, your home should be a place that inspires you and makes you happy!!



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