Making Room For Baby- Part 2

In this post I want to share another room that will get a minor makeover! Sofia will be moving over to Rylan’s room (just next door to where she is now). She is super excited to get a room that is a bit bigger and I am excited to create a fun space for her.

So here are some of my ideas. I am loving the look of wallpaper, but I have wallpaper commitment issues hahaha…. So, instead, I have decided to add some decals to the wall above her bed! I am loving the decals below (click the image to see the link).

dandelion art            dandelion

For bedding; I think we will keep her white quilt and add a couple of new accent pillows to her bed. (Click the image to get to the product)

accent pillow.jpg          accent pillow 2

Her daybed will look super cute in this room and their will be more room for her dollhouse and dollhouse accessories. This makeover shouldn’t take much time or money, which is a double win in my book. I am really excited to get both kids settled in their new rooms and will share as soon as we are done.


3 thoughts on “Making Room For Baby- Part 2

  1. It’s fun to change a child’s room whilst they still appreciate your input (or aren’t big enough to really have an opinion!). I love the decals. Just put a kitchen one up – really made a difference – bit scary peeling the sticky backing off and hoping it’s just where you want it to be though!


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