Advent Calendar of Giving

Last year I shared our advent calendar idea with all of you and I am here to share it again. We love to use our calendar as a way to instill the gift of giving in our children. I purchased our calendar from Magnolia at Target last year and I love it! It is very well made and I love how basic it is. It allows me to be creative

We add three different things to our calendar. The first is little Hershey’s Kisses to some of the days. The second if fun holiday activities to another few of the days. I add things like; watch a Christmas movie, bake Christmas cookies, etc. And the last thing we add, is my favorite!!


We add opportunities to give! I type and print small pieces of paper to fit in the envelopes that list small and large ways to give. Some examples are; write a kind card to a friend, wrap a toy for a child in need, collect gently used toys for charity in our playroom. bake cookies for a neighbor, etc.

Each morning the kids wake up and take turns opening what is in the envelope for that day. We then make it our mission to complete whatever is in the envelope, whether it be eating Hershey’s Kisses, watching a Christmas movie or giving to a neighbor in need!

I hope this helps any of you who were looking for ideas for an advent calendar for your children this season!! Happy Holidays!

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