Fall Decor 101

Summer is for sure my favorite season for many reasons. However, I do love Fall!! May be my second favorite season. And so, here is my fall decor 101 post! I wanted to give you all my fall decor madness 101.

First and foremost… I always pull the fall bins out of the attic and assess. haha The first step is to pull out anything you have not used in a year or two. Create a “donate” pile of fall decor. Once you have gotten through that first step, you can start to plan!

I typically utilize a theme based upon color and style. I try and use most of the decor from previous years and just add a few new and inspiring pieces to change things up.  I look to places like Instagram decor accounts and Pinterest for inspiration on style and colors each season. I created a board for fall decor that you can check out here on my Pinterest.

This year I am planning to utilize shades of blue and gray in the living room, which is similar to my decor last year. The only changes I am planning to make would be to incorporate fall pillow covers in that room. In the dining/kitchen area, I am planning to add some green fall decor this year, which I am excited about. I also plan to use the opportunity of the change in season to update the “man cave”/basement this month! I will be sure to make a blog post about that room too!

(Yes, I am aware that you can just use the same decor and save your money. But I love to create new ideas with my home decor… it’s my zen and passion.)

Now, the fun part!! Shopping! I went to a few of my favorite stores/online shops to see who had the best deals and great fall decor and this is what I found…

Hobby Lobby: fall decor 2       fall decor 1           fall decor 4

Amazon.com (My fave pillow place): 61dDz6HaQkL._SL1000_       61kIwo4WX9L._SL1000_  71qh2E7nIQL._SL1000_.jpg

Home Goods: For all things signs, throw blankets and more! I found some great fall throw blankets at Home Goods for under $25 as well as a couple of wooden signs for great prices! Each Home Goods is different, but definitely check them out!!

Once you’ve found all of your decor and organized, the fun begins!! I will update here with a new post next week with fall decor photos! So stay tuned!

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