Selecting paint…

Is anyone super super indecisive when selecting paint colors? I think part of the reason I am, is that I do not like to paint and when a color goes up, it stays that way for quite some time. So there isn’t room for much error… I always say that hair is just hair and the cut or color can just be changed and it will be okay. Oddly enough, I am not that way with paint on walls. Painting can be a daunting process and one that, for some reason, I just don’t enjoy. So… that brings me to this blog post. Picking a paint color that you LOVE!!

The first step for me is eliminating the colors you don’t absolutely love. I typically select 3-5 paint colors for any room and put each on the wall. I then live with them for a few days. I love to use the paint sheets from Home Depot. They allow you to tape the sheets to the wall with the paint samples painted on. I then move those square sheets from spot to spot in the room to see how the colors look in the light, etc.

paintThe next step is to decide on a finish. I typically use a matte or eggshell finish depending on the space. For our kitchen/dining area, I went with an eggshell finish for the warmth. I also almost always use Behr paints. Their paints are cost effective and good quality. I also don’t usually need a primer when using Behr and that is a plus!

I shared our most recent paint project here on the blog. Check it out!! And stay tuned for the next project, which may or may not include shiplap….


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