Easter Decor and Traditions

When it comes to decorating for Easter, I also think spring… The pallet in our dining room, kitchen, living room is very much neutral. However, the trunk in our living room is a pretty blue color. I didn’t choose this color, it was this color when I found it in the antique store. But I decided to keep it that color and I really love the shade of blue.

I wanted to share our Easter décor and some Easter traditions from this year…

In our dining room I just added some Easter eggs I found at Hobby Lobby for $3. I also added some Easter bunny salt and pepper shakers that my mom gifted me last year! They are too cute! An easy way to decorate for Easter is to simply include some bright pops of color in your spring décor. This way, you can keep the majority of the décor up for spring and not have to “re-decorate” the room. I simply added pops of blue in our spring décor this year (sources in my previous blog post here) and now those pieces can stay up for the spring season too!

As far as traditions go… we found the cutest Easter Egg Hunt this year at a local Golf Club and we hope to begin a tradition of going there every year. They had the coolest train to take the kids to a golf hole for the egg hunt and following that, the kids were able to warm up in a large/heated party tent. They had face painting, food, Easter bunny photos free of charge and more. We absolutely loved this event and hope they continue to host it each year.

A few other traditions that we carry on with the kids are dying eggs and we also do an Easter egg hunt in our yard on Easter morning that is left by the “bunny.” The egg hunt ends with the kids Easter baskets. Another fun Easter day tradition that the kids remember now and ask about each year is an Easter egg hunt that my mom hosts for them before Easter dinner each year. They really look forward to this!

The holidays are incredible in the eyes of children! I am really trying to soak in all of the traditions and memories those bring!!

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!!! Would love to hear some of your traditions in the comments!!!

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