New Paint and New Spring Decor

Well, we did it. The kitchen border is down, the kitchen/dining area is painted a fresh color!!! If you remember, we were looking for white paint suggestions. After several samples, we went with….

Falling Snow by Behr paints. A friend of mine recommended it and I even added a poll to my Instagram. Falling Snow won by a landslide and we agreed. So Falling Snow is on the walls and I absolutely love it. It took three coats to get the shade we wanted and to cover up the old color. It looks so fresh and bright in the space and is so inviting to the sunshine that pours in.

Of course with new paint had to come new decor, right… hahaha So, off to Hobby Lobby I went. Have you seen the new spring decor line?? Well, you should run (not walk) to your nearest Hobby Lobby. The spring decor is 40% off and sooo pretty. The plates and accessories have these pretty blue tones and I absolutely fell in love. So here it is….

Up next… shiplap on the island/peninsula and end of the pantry cabinet. Stay tuned!!

3 thoughts on “New Paint and New Spring Decor

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