Hello… It’s been a while

Hello friends!! I know, it’s been a while. I took a much needed break to just take life in and refresh! So important and it felt great. And I’m back and refreshed with new ideas!! On to the next project!!

I absolutely love our kitchen. I love the counters and back-splash the most!! But, I do not love the wallpaper border and paint color on the top half of the wall in the kitchen/dining area!

So, here is the plan. We are removing the border and painting the top half a refreshing white color. I am excited to try some paint samples and will even share those on my Instagram this weekend. We are planning for a warmer white tone, so I will grab several that were recommended to me on my recent Instagram post and may even ask for you to all answer a poll on my Instagram!!

So here are the before photos of the spaces… stay tuned for the afters!! This project should be completed next week and I will for sure share the afters with you then! Another idea I have is to ship-lap the back of the island/peninsula and end of the pantry cabinet. See below!!

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