Winter Decor Update

Hello!! Is anyone else feeling like January just slipped on by? Went so quickly. And although I am loving my winter decor, I could do without the winter temperatures. I thought I would share some of my winter whites to help with those winter blues. haha See what I did there?!?

One of the areas I share most often is our coffee bar, and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. hahaha The coffee is sooo necessary and so that coffee bar will likely always be a focal point. I added some additional white pieces to bring in that winter white and make this area bright!

Most of the pieces are from either Hobby Lobby or Home Goods. However, I was able to score some dollar spot items at Target. I get a lot of questions about the cabinet. This cabinet was actually an antique my parents gave me when we bought our first house. It is probably my favorite piece of furniture in our home! I have never painted, sanded or stained it and I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. I love it as is.

Our living room cabinet and couches are so fun to decorate through the seasons. I love the antique cabinet in our living room that my father in law gifted us from his collection. And who doesn’t love some throw pillows?? If you’re looking for affordable and cute pillows… check out my pillow blog post HERE.  

I chose to use a lot of white decor for winter. It helps to brighten things up and really makes it look much cleaner and more simple. I love to de-clutter and keep things simple after the holidays and this really helped with that. Hobby Lobby has so many inexpensive decor pieces that can really brighten up your space, if you’re looking to add some bright white pieces to your winter decor.

Next up will be a post on winter meal planning!! A common conversation among parents and families is meal planning and meal ideas. So I thought I’d share some of our meals and meal planning tips!

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