Organization Tips for 2018

I couldn’t think of a better post for the start of 2018… so organization it is. I want to start by saying that I totally understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by organization and somewhat defeated before even starting. I recently starting following Jordan Page and her Fun Cheap or Free Business on Instagram and I am loving her tips and inspiration!!! If you don’t follow her, I highly recommend it!!

Here is her website and here is her Instagram!

One of her tips that I really enjoy is her organization method. She calls is J.O.B. and this stands for Just One Bite. Meaning, that you take on one task at a time and not look ahead at the rest. Organize one junk drawer, or one closet… and focus on that one bite for now!

So, I created a list that only includes one task on each day. This way, I can accomplish my organization without feeling overwhelmed and still get a ton done in just 30 days!! Their are so many of these lists on Pinterest and online, in general. But I created mine to meet my needs. You are welcome to use it, or to create your own!

So here it goes!! My Organization 30 Day Task List!! Start today with me! I will be sharing some of these tasks before and after on my Instagram stories, so be sure to follow me there by clicking here!

Organization 30 Day Task List 2

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