Christmas Cheer… better late than never post!

I had plans to share this blog before Christmas… but then decided I would take a holiday break from the blog! We wanted to soak up the joy of Christmas with the kids!! Sometimes, a nice break from work is what we need and I enjoyed every last second!!

Have I mentioned that Christmas is my favorite?!? hahaha In case you are just tuning in to my blog now, I absolutely love Christmas. And I think my favorite part is the magic that my children experience and watching that magic happen!

Every year we go to a local farm to pick our tree with another family that are close friends of ours! We pick our trees, sit in Santa’s sleigh for pictures, have hot cocoa and fresh cider donuts! It is an absolute blast. And watching our little’s light up with the magic of picking a Christmas tree is so awesome!! I thought I would share some photos of the Christmas magic I’m talking about.

These pictures remind me of what Christmas is all about… the joy of magic, giving, and love!! I realize that the years of “believing” are limited and wanted to soak up as much of that as we can! We love participating in as many Christmas traditions as possible. That means; enjoying the snow, drinking hot chocolate, watching Christmas movies, moving that Elf on the Shelf, seeing Christmas light displays, going to Christmas parties, seeing Santa 10 times haha, making Gingerbread houses… and the list goes on.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? I think our favorite is sledding and then warming up by the fire with some hot chocolate!!

A new tradition we have started involves our new advent calendar. We wanted to try to teach our children about giving. I saw this amazing idea from a friend on Instagram and decided to give it a try. I found this amazing calendar in the Hearth and Hand line at Target! Instead of filling every day with candy or chocolate, etc. we decided to fill some of the days with little notes. On these little notes are good deeds to accomplish. They are simple and easy for the kids to understand. Some examples are; bake cookies for a neighbor, donate food to the local food pantry, etc. I found some great ideas on Pinterest (click on the link to see). I was hoping to link the advent, but it looks like it may have sold out!!


I won’t lie, the kids were upset the first day they got a note instead of chocolate, but quickly realized the message I was attempting to send to them. This year we gave to the local food pantry, donated dog supplies to the animal shelter, donated gently used toys to a local charity, made cookies and handmade cards for the neighbors and made a holiday card for a friend. This is not intended to be a “we did good, so we must tell everyone” message. It is an idea I really wanted to pass along. I think it’s so important to teach that giving (all year) is so important!

The next blog post will for sure be about organization in the New Year! So stay tuned!!

And… Happy New Year!!


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