Christmas Pillows

People often ask me where I get my pillows. Here’s the secret… they are mostly just covers….

I purchase pillow inserts in 18×18 and then just change the covers for each season! So much cheaper and easier. I do purchase one or two pillows each season from Target or Home Goods, etc. However, mostly, I just change out the covers.

So I thought I would share some of my favorite pillow covers for Christmas at great prices! You’ll never guess where I have found the cheapest and best quality pillow covers… Drum roll please………. AMAZON!! Amazon has some great stuff folks. With my prime membership, I get pillow covers for $5-$15 a piece each season, they ship free, and they are also great quality. Here is the link for the inserts too (CLICK HERE)!!

Click any of the images below for a direct link to the item on amazon! Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Pillows

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