Meal Planning

I get asked often about how I plan our meals and budget for groceries. I feel like I have mastered these skills (somewhat). I still have weeks where I need rejuvenation and the need to spice things up by looking on Pinterest for new meal ideas that our children will eat. We have one super picky child and one who will eat almost anything (or at least try it). So here goes…

I start by creating a weekly menu. Sunday-Thursday we cook meals! Friday we do take out and Saturday we are usually out and about and have dinner somewhere. I thought I would give you two sample menus to look over as an example of how we do it. I will be honest, most of our meals are made pretty quickly, with the exception of Sundays. On Sunday, we like to make a bigger meal because we have Sunday Funday…. A day we spend together doing fun stuff and making a big meal and dessert together.

Sunday Funday is a memory we wanted to create for our kids. We wanted them to remember that each week, although busy, we take one day and dedicate it to time together!

I have also created a Pinterest board full of easy(ish) meals for families on the go. These meals are some of my go to’s! And if you have any questions about our meals, let me know!! To check out my Pinterest board, click here!

So I make a list each week of the meals and groceries needed for those meals. I add anything miscellaneous we need at the bottom. We also pack lunches for both kids for school, so I add anything we need for those. This assures that I don’t overspend and that I have a plan for the week to keep me organized.

This may not work for everyone, but it seems to work well for us! So here they are…

menu planning week 1

menu planning week 2

One thought on “Meal Planning

  1. Helen lopes

    Cila you never cease to amaze mim . I’m so proud of you ,and i know your dad is looking down from heaven just as proud . What a blessing .
    Love you !!!


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