Summer Bucket List Update

Earlier this summer I shared a post with a super fun bucket list for us as a family! The goal was to have fun using the list. We almost completed it, but not quite… I think a part of the problem was that I was a bit ambitious. Another problem, I think, is that this summer went way too fast!! lol

Let’s go over some of the things we did do!! We swam, ALOT! We went on a big family vacation to NC and had a blast! We went strawberry picking and made strawberry desserts all summer!! Here are some photos to prove it 🙂 And also because I love to share photos of the kids!

Some of our favorite activities didn’t cost anything at all. Going to the local splash park is one of our favorites. We would take a picnic lunch and some swimsuits and enjoy the afternoon playing in the splash pad! Another great idea is to purchase season passes to a local water park, zoo, or other fun attraction that you can use over and over again all summer. These are a great Christmas gift idea and you get to enjoy this gift for the whole summer. I also found the awesome swimming pool above, on amazon for only $30 and it lasted us all summer. It was big enough for everyone to play in but easy to keep clean and fill up! Oh and the best trip of all was to meet the famous giraffe family in NY. We got to meet and feed Oliver and April and their sweet baby giraffe!! The kids and I had watched April give birth on the live cam and we were all so excited to meet them in person!! If you live in the Northeast region, I highly recommend Animal Adventure Park Zoo!

My goal for next summer is to make the list a bit shorter but to have just as much fun!! Farewell summer 2017! Onto fall fun!

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