Fall Decor Everywhere!

I think I have finally finished decorating for fall… all before fall was technically here haha.

I went with some neutral colors for decor this year. I did add some blue/green pumpkins and lots of cream/white pumpkins!! I had some fall decor from last year. However, we had just moved in to our house last fall so we didn’t really decorate as much as I would have liked.

So this year, I went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby and got some new fall decor! They had great sales and I only paid $1-$8 on each item I purchased. I thought I would share some photos of my fall decor with you and share where I purchased these decor items, in case you were interested in purchasing them yourself!!


Our dining room is my favorite place to decorate for sure!! I love the colors in here and the furniture pieces. The white and grey pumpkins here are from Michaels. They were on sale at 40% off and I think still are. The stems in the vases, including the cotton stems, are all from Hobby Lobby and were on sale at 50% off!!

The next space I decorate is our living room. The pumpkins on the tv shelf are from Michaels as well. However, the velvet pumpkins are from the infamous Target $1 spot! And yes, they were only $1 and I love the texture they add to the space!

Last, but certainly, not least… our mantel in the “man cave.” Believe it or not, Mike picked the decor here out at Hobby Lobby. His favorite pieces are probably the acorns!! And I actually love the warmer tones here. They go well with the “man cave” theme!

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