So many eggs!!

Things have been crazy here. The semester started at the college. (Where I work) and Rylan will be starting Kindergarten this week. Sofia officially starts pre-school next week. Lots of excitement and also lots of emotions!! But I thought I’d give a little update on the chickens!

We officially have eggs… many, many eggs. The girls are laying anywhere from 5-7 eggs a day and we are absolutely loving it!! We have been eating lots of farm fresh eggs and even giving lots away to friends and family. The girls have gotten really friendly and love to roam the yard with us. We still keep them in their run when we’re not home because we have lots of wild life that would scoop them up.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to use our eggs. I have attached some pins from my Pinterest with favorite recipes that include eggs! Be sure to click the link to my Pinterest to check those out.

We have been having scrambled or fried eggs for breakfast a lot more often and I have been baking galore. The kids are super happy to help bake with our eggs and have learned so much about caring for the chickens. We collect the eggs every evening when we get home from school/work. And we let the girls out for some roaming and give them some “treats.” The kids love this and it is their “chore.”

Now they are asking what our next farm animal will be?!? haha Stay tuned for that decision next spring!

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