OH NO… School is starting.

If you haven’t heard yet, school is starting… hahaha So much excitement, nervousness, anxious moms and kids!! How will my child adjust? How will they survive without me? How will we ever get back into the routine after summer?

My oldest will be starting kindergarten this year and we are feeling all the feels. They say in the years to come, I will be glad to send them off to school. But for now, I am the mom who is super anxious, nervous and emotional. So bear with me folks.

We are a family of routine and I love to be organized. So I thought I would share some of my favorite organizational tips and solutions.

First and foremost- the calendar.  I created a chalk calendar and hung it up in the kitchen/dining area. This allows me and hubby to check in to see what is coming up or what days are busy, etc. I use chalk pencils and pens to create the monthly calendar. We also use it as a star board. The kids each get a star for different reasons. Sofia gets hers for going potty and Rylan gets his for completing his chores.


Second, we have our phone calendars. Hubby and I share our calendar with each other so that when making appointments, etc. we know what times and days work best!! We add anything and everything to these calendars.

Last, but definitely not least… We have routine. In summer months it is a time for staying up late, ice cream for dinner, and last minute plans of fun!! Once school starts, we try to keep a decent routine. I work in higher ed and so my semester craziness begins a couple of weeks before school starts. So we tend to start our routine a few weeks early too. What works for us may not work for another family. But, nonetheless, I will share!!

  1. Our day begins at 6:30am when the kids wake up. We get dressed, make beds, brush teeth and hair, have breakfast and are out the door by 8am.
  2. I do drop off at preschool/summer care since it is at the college. Once school starts for Rylan, I will drive him to the end of the driveway for the bus before taking Sofia to pre-school.
  3. Rylan will get off the bus at the college (my work). We will pick up Sofia and head home.
  4. Our evenings consist of; unpacking from the day, taking care of the dog and chickens, making dinner and eating dinner, baths and then a bit of TV or relaxation before bed.
  5. We will be adding homework to this equation soon. My question to the experienced school moms; what time of the evening routine do you add homework? Do you find it best to do it after dinner or right when you get home?
  6. Lastly, once the kids are in bed, (approx. 8pm) we pack lunches and clean up the kitchen/house before watching some TV and heading to bed. Yes, I add laundry and cleaning in there too. To see my cleaning schedule that I try my best to follow, click here!

Another awesome idea is to create a command center for your family! We don’t have one yet in our house. But I have added my favorites below!! To see these command centers just click the photos!! The ladies who created these have amazing blogs and are for sure one to follow!!

And to see more, click here for my Pinterest board of command center ideas!


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