I’m exhausted… but I will never be tired 

I’m so exhausted most days!! Aren’t we all?!? It is hard work raising kids and having a family. But that is true for most families, I think.

I am so exhausted by bed time, that if I sit down, the dishes and laundry won’t get done. So, I avoid the couch at all costs until I get it all done hahaha. I’m exhausted… but I am not tired…

I am not tired of the late nights of cuddles and “mommy and daddy requests.” Because those requests will fade in time and I know I will miss them.

I am not tired of the “ideas” of things to play and create. Because those ideas will also fade in time. So I cherish those moments of creating treasure maps and playing games of imagination. These moments are joyous for our children and that joy I will always cherish.

I am not tired of the early morning wake ups… I know, I know… it is exhausting to wake up at the crack of dawn with kids. But, I am not tired of them because I just love those whispers of “mommy and daddy, can I snuggle in your bed and watch cartoons.” Or the excitement in their eyes and voices when they head to the living room to start playing at 6:30 am.

I am not tired… even when I say I am. We, as parents, have moments of defeat and frustration. And days of pure exhaustion. But I will never grow tired of these sweet babies, who are growing too fast for my liking…

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