Antique Cabinet…

I absolutely love antique furniture… but who doesn’t, right?? I love the history and the stories they tell. And best of all, I just love how beautiful they are.

My FIL gifted us a beautiful antique cabinet. He has had this cabinet in his home for years and even installed the glass on the doors himself. I am hoping to strip this piece and re-stain it to give it a refresh. The idea is that I want to preserve the wood without damaging it with sanding. So I am hoping that I can just strip the stain off and re-stain the wood. In the meantime, I am having so much fun styling and decorating the cabinet.

I purchased the accessories from Hobby Lobby. The last piece I purchased is the Farmhouse sign, that I totally “needed.” I definitely want to add a few more pieces to this cabinet. I think some old books would look awesome here.

He also brought over another cabinet, about the same size, with solid doors. That piece needs some TLC and I can’t wait to clean it up. The plan is to paint that piece with white chalk paint and use it in Mike’s hunting room/our office. It will be a great piece to store things in. Stay tuned…


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