Father’s Day Plans… 

I was going to write a blog post with Father’s Day gift ideas… but then I felt like their were already so many posts like that. I checked Pinterest for Father’s Day Ideas… and only gift ideas came up. So, I thought I’d share a post with fun things to do on Father’s Day!

We have had 5 Father’s Day’s spent with Mike as a father and we have done something a bit different each year! This year, we are planning to go strawberry picking! We love to go strawberry picking with the kids and we also love to use the strawberries for all things delicious! We actually did this last year and enjoyed it so much, we decided to do it again! And then we will make Mike a dinner with his favorite foods!! This is a way for us to hang out together with no schedule and just spend the day showing Mike how much we love him!!

So here are some other ideas for Father’s Day plans; a beach trip for the day, a hike with a picnic, visit the zoo, enjoy a bbq with family, go fishing as a family…

One of my favorites is; take dad on a scavenger hunt around town! This one takes a bit of work but is so much fun! To start, you can ask the kid(s) what dad’s favorite places are to go. Use that as a jumping point to start your scavenger hunt. Ask them why it is dad’s favorite place and use that as your clue. Create a hunt that will take you places you can enjoy together. Such as; a restaurant, the movies, a park or golf course, dad’s favorite store, etc. This involves the little ones and keeps everyone happy and busy for the day, while celebrating dad!

Another favorite is to go somewhere new for the day. Take dad on an adventure to somewhere the family has not gone yet. Some ideas for this might be; a new park, a new city, a museum, a new restaurant, etc.

Their are so many ways to celebrate dad. What is most important in our home, is that we spend the day showing him how much we love him and appreciate him. We don’t worry about following any “stereotypical Father’s Day plans.” We spend each year a bit different and try to keep it as relaxing as possible! Hope you all enjoy the day! 

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