Sofia’s Princess Room

I recently shared a couple of photos of Sofia’s room and wanted to share the details…

Sofia loves the colors pink and purple, so I wanted to incorporate those colors without it being too overbearing. She is also super adventurous and loves the outdoors. So I wanted to include those elements as well. So here goes…


Sofia’s bed… I recently discovered Beddy’s Beds and fell in love. These bedding sets are zippered (makes bed making sooo easy), they are made of 100% cotton (super soft and durable), they are lined with minky material (so soft) and they are machine washable (super important). We purchased her bed skirt from Target. Love the ruffles!! The accent pillow is also from Target.

Next came the wall decor… Those beautiful prints above her bed are Hobby Lobby and were so inexpensive. The beautiful dream catcher is locally made by a wonderful shop. You can check her out here and order online!! Those curtains are from Target as well! They are heavier in weight and block out the light really well.

unnamed (3)

I used an old dresser and purchased new Hobby Lobby knobs to change it up. The lamp and headband hanger are both from Hobby Lobby as well!! Her doll house (which she adores) was a gift from her grandmother!! It is a Kidkraft dollhouse!

We absolutely love her room and she loves it as well!! Can’t wait to get started on Rylan’s room soon!!

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