Baby-wearing bliss…

About five and a half years ago, I met some amazing women on a pregnancy app. I was pregnant with my first, Rylan, and was looking for a support system of others in the same “boat.” What I didn’t know, was the amazing friendships/bonds we would create/form! I will share a post about these amazing ladies and our bond a bit later…

Today I wanted to share with you all the amazing world of baby-wearing. I know so many moms already know about this world. But I wanted to share my love for all things baby-wearing! When Rylan was about one, I discovered Tula Carriers through a friend in my mom’s group. This carrier was so comfortable and so beautifully made. We absolutely fell in love with it!!

We first had a standard size and then upgraded to a toddler size when Rylan was a bit bigger. When I had Sofia, I had already known I would baby-wear from the time she was born. So, I purchased a baby k’tan and a new girly standard tula. The k’tan is a super easy to use wrap-style carrier. It is super soft and so easy to wash. The tula is an ergonomic carrier that is handmade to perfection. It is super soft for an ergonomic carrier and very versatile. It allows a back and front carry. The tula comes in so many colors and patterns. It is a favorite of mine!!

Sofia was a super colicky baby with some formula allergies. It was a rough several months of lots of crying for both her and I. The baby k’tan was an absolute life saver.  I wore Sofia to put her down for her naps and to, basically, get anything accomplished. It also helped to get me back in shape. Carrying another 8-15 lbs of baby while walking around is a great way to shed those baby lbs.

When Sofia was a bit bigger (about 3 months old), we started using our new standard tula. Sofia loved her tula and loved being carried in it. I used my baby carriers for grocery shopping, walking, cleaning, laundry, cooking, and the list goes on and on. The bond that baby-wearing creates is unlike any other. It also totally saved me from having to use our double stroller too often. And helps to eliminate the concern of how to shop with a shopping cart and infant. We still use our tula with Sofia and are now moving up to the toddler size so we can continue to use it when needed. Their are so many baby carriers out there. The k’tan and tula are just what worked for us.

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