The Chickens Home…

I wanted to share a bit about how we built our chicken’s home. We had a hard time deciding what their home would look like. We knew a few things from the start…             1. It had to be large enough for any future chicken additions. 2. It had to be covered to protect from prey. 3. We had to dig a trench for the fencing to protect from prey.

We originally were going to build the run/fenced area and coop from scratch. However, with our busy work schedules and two little ones, we decided to order a coop and stick to building the run/fence ourselves. So that is what we did…

I searched the web for the perfect coop and ultimately decided on this one from that is good for 5-8 hens! We have 6 hens, so we thought it would be perfect. It is super cute and we are loving it thus far. The coop has four nesting boxes and two roosting bars. It is also elevated, which we wanted as well. Again, anything to protect them from prey.

We then set out on building the fence/run for the chickens. This required some planning and searching on Pinterest. We ultimately decided to build a 6×15 ft run/fence area. We used 4×4 posts for the supporting structure and 1×4’s for support as well. We dug (hubby dug hahaha) a 6 inch trench, and placed the fencing down in the trench, covered by stone and soil. We then used galvanized hardware cloth for the bottom of the fencing and chicken wire for the rest! We built a door using 1×4’s, 2×4’s and chicken wire. This article I found was my inspiration…. Pinterest. We also decided on a larger feeder and waterer for outside for the chickens. I found these on amazon as well. The only thing missing is their sand box, which we will be adding soon and I will share that DIY later.

The chickens are loving their new home and we are loving how well this project turned out!!

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