Kindergarten Ready?!?

It’s happened…

Rylan is registered for kindergarten. And I did not cry at registration. This is a miracle everyone!! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am super sensitive and sentimental. It is my flaw, my strength, and my soul!

When people tell you that your kids will grow super quickly and not to blink or you’ll miss it… they aren’t joking or exaggerating. They are so right!! unnamed (1)Rylan turned 5 back in February and he was soooo excited about it. He was, however, super nervous at the thought of kindergarten. He wanted to make sure that his friends would go with him to kindergarten and that it was okay to be nervous! Of course it is okay to be nervous. And it’s totally okay to acknowledge and talk about those feelings with your littles. Encourage them to explore that nervousness, talk about it and overcome it. Walk them through the process and ask lots of questions of those experts (their preschool teachers, of course).

Rylan’s super lucky that many of his preschool friends will be joining him in our school district for kindergarten. He is also super lucky to have some of the best preschool teachers, who are preparing him for kindergarten…. academically, emotionally, and socially. They have begun practicing some kindergarten routines and talking about how similar the kindergarten experience will be to preschool.

Even if your littles don’t attend preschool… I say it’s a great idea to start some of these practices at home! Kindergarten can be so scary… for both parents and the littles.  I have found that talking about it really helps to ease the “pain” for everyone. And don’t worry… many tears will be shed here. So just sit back and get ready for the emotional mess that will be me in August…

Then comes the pressure of “readiness”… Don’t get me wrong, there is a such thing as kindergarten ready… But we have developed these standards for children in society that are unnecessary and often, have nothing to do with what is actually expected in the school your child will attend! Take a deep breath… and know that even if your kid doesn’t know how to write or recognize as many words/letters as some of your friends kids, they will still be okay! With so much judgement and competition in the world already, let’s try and keep kindergarten friendly… 😉 This is another opportunity for us (moms and parents) to offer encouragement and support to one another. ❤

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