Chicken Update

So I realized that I haven’t given a chicken update in a while… So they aren’t kidding when they say that baby chicks grow quickly. They are just about 6 weeks old and they are soooo big!!! We are 80% sure they are all hens at this point. But we will keep you posted…


We have built their chicken coop and are just about finished with the fence/run area. We just have the door and the top to add before putting the chickens in there. I will be adding another blog post about the fence and coop a little later. That will include how we built the run/fence and how we selected the coop.

The weather is finally warm enough for the chickens to move outside. So the plan is to move them out there this week!! We will be finishing the fence Thursday and Friday and moving them out this weekend! They had some time outside again today and they were loving it!!

Anyone considering raising baby chicks? I highly recommend it. We have had such a fun time so far. The kids are loving raising these sweet babies and we are loving how involved they are in the process. Every morning we all go downstairs to check on the  chicks, feed them, give them fresh water and some love/attention. And when we get home, we do the same! The kids never forget to run in and check on them! It is too sweet to watch them care for the chickens and how excited they get to see them grow! I plan to record our daily chicken routine and share it with you all soon!!

Any recommendations on outdoor feeders and water containers?? Let me know. We are looking for some that are a bit bigger and less maintenance. Stay tuned for more chicken updates. We will be adding a name sign to the fence area with all of their names. So stay tuned for the names we selected.


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