The Competing Mom…

So, it is no secret that in today’s world, there is a ton of pressure to be the best mom. The pressure to make all of the Pinterest projects come to life, to participate in all of the activities, to have it all together all of the time and look good doing it. Well, let’s be honest… no one has it all together all of the time. And for sure, no mom looks good all of the time. haha Or at least, I’d like to think not.

I vote that we all (mom’s) stop competing to be perfect and share our imperfections more often. Let’s all take a moment to share our imperfect selves with each other, and be ourselves. Let’s take the time to help another mom in need in the grocery store or at the park, instead of judging her moments of defeat. Reach out a helping hand or words of encouragement. Share a moment you also felt defeat to show her she’s not alone. In this crazy and sometimes scary world, we should uplift and support one another.

Although it is so important for children to be involved and build their skills both in the classroom and outside of the classroom… It is equally as important for us to have family time and my sanity in tact. hahaha Some of my favorite days are those spent just enjoying each other as a family and they are also some of my favorite memories as a child with my parents.

I love to have play dates and so do the kids. The best kind of play date for me is the kind that is judgement free and spent in yoga pants!! hahaha My Saturdays are spent in yoga pants with little to no make up on, enjoying the kids. I love to get together with friends and their kids and spend time just chasing our kids and creating memories. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if all play dates were a judgement free zone with no room for embarrassment over how your kids are behaving?? Sounds perfect? Adult company with play mates for your kids and NO judgement!! Let’s do it!!011




One thought on “The Competing Mom…

  1. Susette R.

    Well said Lucy!
    That’s the way to do it! This days there is competition in everything… and everyone (of any age) wants to be better that their peers.

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