They are the cutest…

I took some time to take some pictures of the kids for Easter. I love to have our pictures taken once or twice each year, professionally. And in between I take some photos on my own. I absolutely love pictures, as they are my favorite way to keep memories. Each year, I make the kids a photo book on Shutterfly of their year. We keep the books on a shelf and pull them out often to reminisce about the memories and our favorite moments.Ā 

I absolutely love the holidays and celebrating them as a family and with family. Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday, although I really like to celebrate all holidays. My birthday is often celebrated as a holiday too. hahaha Yes, I am that obnoxious person who makes a big deal of my birthday. In fairness, I make a big deal of others birthdays as well.

Of course, I had to use a chicken for our pictures. I was hoping to use more than one chicken, but they are too busy these days to keep them still for pictures. So we just used one. We kind of let her do her own thing and just kept snapping shots. Some of my favorite photos are candid shots of the kids being silly.

So here they are… pictures of our adorable babies. I know I’m partial… but aren’t they just beautiful?!? (This is a slideshow… so you can flip through or just watch!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3 thoughts on “They are the cutest…

  1. Sam Mehall

    SO STINKIN CUTE!!!! Rylan kissing her face šŸ˜ They’re growing up too fast. I love you guys! Happy Easter! ā¤ļø


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