Our first electrical project happened this week. We really wanted to replace our recessed lights in our kitchen over the peninsula with pendants. We felt it would add a bit of character and would just look really pretty.

So I set out on a journey of online research and shopping. I found several that I loved on Wayfair and Overstock and considered ordering them online. Then we decided to stop at Home Depot… and were not too impressed with the selection of lighting there. We did purchase the kits there to convert the recessed lights. And then we headed over to Lowe’s. They have so much lighting at Lowe’s. So many options.

We ultimately went with these super inexpensive pendants that were in the “mix and match” section. You select your cords, covers and decide which colors you want. It is great and was such a budget friendly way to get this DIY done. We ended up spending under $100 on the entire project. We love how this turned out. I am adding some photos below to show you all of the items we purchased to get this project done. It was such an easy DIY and only required the conversion kit and some directions. The added bonus… adjusting the cord to the height you want the pendants is super easy.



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