The first animal we wanted when we moved to our new home was chickens!! But we never had an interest in raising them. We thought… we will just buy some chickens in the spring and let someone else do the raising. haha

Well… let me just tell you… Mike and Sofia went to take a look at some supplies we would need to get started and sent me a picture of the baby chicks!! Rylan and I were at the movies watching Beauty and the Beast (amazing by the way) and we received this picture!! I asked him to please bring some chicks home!! haha I did not think he would actually do it…

Well… here we are… we have six babies and we are IN LOVE folks!! We have officially embarked on our farm animal experiences!!  They are just the sweetest. The kids are absolutely loving having baby chicks and the opportunity to help take care of them and play with them. And it is such an incredible opportunity for them to develop their skills in nurturing and care.

We have learned so much about chicks and caring for them. We are keeping them in our workshop downstairs because it is safe and warm for them. We purchased a container from the farm store. We didn’t have to do this but because we plan to have more chicks in the future, we thought it would be a good investment. We also purchased a water and food dispenser, bedding, a heat lamp and food for them.

chick helpers

They are so comfy and loving their new home! I think they also love the attention and snuggles they get every day. haha The kids help us to change the water, feed them, clean up after the chicks. We go in each morning and evening to check on them, complete our “chick chores” and play with the chicks.

The chicks are about a week old and already developing feathers. They look so different already and are growing so quickly. The plan is to build their coop in the next week or so. We will then keep the coop in the garage, nice and warm, until the weather breaks and they are old enough to move outside.

Get ready everyone… lots more to share as we grow with these baby chicks!!

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