Sunday Funday

I have mentioned in a previous post that Mike and I both work full time. We also happen to only have Sundays off together as a family. Mike works on Saturday, because in his line of work, it is a super busy day. This makes Sundays even more special for us as a family. We spend the whole day together and we love it.

We usually start the day by making a big breakfast. The kids favorites are cinnamon rolls and bacon… Sounds delicious, right? We then spend some time watching cartoons and snuggling in the living room. Another favorite pass time!

We then spend the rest of our morning running errands and grocery shopping for the week. We meal plan for the week ahead of time and make a list. We sometimes all go grocery shopping together. We actually enjoy doing this (most times) because the kids love picking stuff out and its fun to watch them get excited about their favorite foods! A favorite spot is watching the lobsters in the tank in the seafood section. haha

This past Sunday, the weather was a bit more mild in temperature and we were able to spend some time in the afternoon outside. One of the biggest selling points for this house was the property. We have some beautiful trails and a pond and we feel so blessed to call this place our home!! We love to walk around the property with the kids and explore. That is exactly what we did this past Sunday.

We hiked the trails and explored. We found lots of branches (kids favorite). Brought some shovels to dig in the mud. And we had a blast!! I wanted to share some photos of our fun hike!! It’s so important to take the time to enjoy family and be thankful for the blessings!!


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