Gallery Wall

I have always wanted to try adding a gallery/statement wall in our home. It is a bit intimidating… to be honest. It is difficult to imagine pieces on a large canvas like a wall… I researched on Instagram and Pinterest for quite a while before tackling this project. So I am excited to share the progress with you.


We had a few frames already hung on this wall. So we ended up taking those down and planning… The photos had to be the center of this wall because they are my favorite photos. They are pictures of when the kids were born (very first photos) and some family pictures of our siblings, parents, grandparents… These pictures are so important to us!!

And so the journey began… We embarked on a day date to several stores (we also had a nice lunch, don’t worry! haha). We spent some time in Hobby Lobby where we picked up all of the accent pieces. Mike loved the iron star. We both love the M. And my favorite…. the wooden growth chart ruler!! I absolutely fell in love with this piece.

And… the best part… all of these items came to a total of $60! Not bad for a statement wall!! I still want to add a couple of pieces that I am hoping to order from Magnolia Market soon!! So stay tuned for a final photo on Instagram!!

2 thoughts on “Gallery Wall

  1. Nan McConkey

    Hi Luci….love it. Great idea….love the growth chart. Had one at 49 Briarwood when we lived there and the grandkids were growing leaps and bounds. It used to be one of the highlights coming to Nana and Poppy’s house. Fond memories.

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