So, most of you know that I am a bit of a clean freak haha… I have gotten much more relaxed but I do still keep a pretty organized schedule of cleaning and de-cluttering our home. I wanted to share my schedule and tips with you.

I am also a working mom of two little ones. So we are busy most days/evenings. But I do my best to get some cleaning done each night to keep our weekends for fun!! It is important to me to spend my weekends enjoying time with the kids since I am working all day during the week. It may not work for everyone, but it works for us! People often ask me how I stay organized and have time to blog. So I wanted to share a little…

First, it is important to know that it is totally realistic to follow this schedule.. Because if I can do it, I think anyone can! Second, its also important to know that my husband is pretty awesome when it comes to helping me with house work! So I am not alone in these tasks and that totally helps too! I don’t include dishes or making beds in my schedule… because dishes are an everyday chore and we make our beds every morning. I feel like a made bed helps to make a room look so much more clean! We also set out the kids clothes and pack lunches after the kids go to bed.

So here it is… my cleaning schedule in a nut shell!


I take about 30 minutes to 1 hour each evening to accomplish this schedule. What I find is that it leaves my weekends with much more time to do the things we enjoy… Spend time as a family, play, decorate and complete any fun house projects. It is a great routine that works well for us and keeps us organized. I don’t get overwhelmed by cleaning the house this way either. I found that when I left my cleaning to be done all day on Saturday, I felt more overwhelmed by the list of things to get done! So, if you were looking for a way to get more organized, I hope this helps!

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