Raising kindness…

When I was pregnant and preparing myself to be a parent… I remember thinking that planning birthday parties, potty training, sleep training, etc. might be the most difficult tasks I would face. Don’t get me wrong, all of these are very difficult.. But there is something so much more difficult as a parent that I am sharing with you in this post.

Our children are 2 1/2 and almost 5! The “almost” is important because I’m having a hard time with my baby boy turning 5… The stages of development are so very different. You get through one stage only to move onto another stage. All stages are beautiful and we learn so much in the process. Some are more difficult than others and each has its own struggles and tribulations. And with each year that passes and each stage that comes, we learn how important kindness and love is.

By far the most difficult part of raising children is instilling kindness! Seem simple? Not always. We use kind words in our home, we remind our children to always be kind to others. But, there are so many others that influence children in our world. And that can make it difficult.

Lead by example! Your children watch your every move and hear your every word and tone. Try your very best to show them the same kindness and respect you expect of them. Don’t hesitate to show them love.

Above all else, we want our children to be kind people. We want them to be successful but with kindness, be strong but with kindness, be confident but with kindness. In a world that is becoming increasingly hateful and hurtful, it is so important to teach our babies kindness and love. We want our children to share kindness and be genuinely good people. Because that is most important and it’s on us to show them that!


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