Working partners…

My husband, Mike, and I both enjoy our careers. We don’t wake up in the morning and say, “gosh, I don’t want to go to my job today.” However, we do say, “I wish I could be home today.” I know… It sounds/looks like the same phrase, but it’s not. Let me explain…

You see, we both enjoy our careers and are happy to be in the workplaces we are in. We like what we do and the rewards that come with what we do. I find that when you enjoy your work, you put your all into it without even realizing it. You work hard to achieve your goals and you enjoy the rewards of your hard work. I love to help others, in many ways. And so, in my work I try to help others as often as possible. Because that is the greatest reward in my field.

I often tell working mom’s, who are returning to the work place after maternity leave, that it does get a little easier. And what I mean is…no,  I don’t cry every day when I drop my kids off. First, because I know they are in great care. We couldn’t ask for better care/teachers for our kids. We have been so lucky in the childcare we have had for our babies. And second, because it becomes a routine… and eventually you get accustomed to routine in life.

Some days I cry… Some days, after dropping them off or putting them to bed at night, I still cry. I cry because I feel like I’m missing so much. I cry because I would rather spend my time with them than do anything else in this world. I know so many mom’s and dad’s can so relate to these feelings! My favorite days, are days spent with my family. So many people have told me that my kids will grow up so fast and that time will go so quickly. You don’t believe those people, until it happens to you!! Our babies are growing so quickly!

You see, as working parents, we are great(or at least we think so haha)! We are partners in this crazy life and we have fun in just about everything we do. We do not lack in love in this home. And we have a great routine that (usually) works well. (Stay tuned for a later blog post about routine) We do enjoy our careers. But, you see… there is no place like our home.


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