What works for us….

So, although my main focus is decorating our house right now, I know several friends who can relate to the experiences that parenting brings, or will soon relate… This post is about our princess, Sofia!

When we had our first child, we were determined to follow all of the rules that the hospital, books and doctors gave us! We were so nervous to bring home our first little bundle of joy, that we wanted to make sure we didn’t “break” him. When our second arrived, she took us for a whirlwind. She broke all of the rules. And we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Sofia, now 2 years old, was a colicky baby. Any other moms have a colicky baby?? If so, you know our pain. She would sleep for maybe 20 minute stretches and cried almost all day for what seemed like, absolutely no reason! We tried several different formulas. We tried setting a good schedule for her. But absolutely nothing would work.

I never thought we would be the parent’s who practiced attachment parenting. But we did and it worked. I wore Sofia in a baby k’tan and then a tula baby carrier until she was over one years old. We even still wear her sometimes. We co-slept…. yep, I said it… we co-slept!! And it was a great experience that worked for us! Sofia slept in our bed for naps and overnight for 10 months. It was what worked for us and we loved it.

Some people would say, “She will never sleep in her crib.” or “She is going to be spoiled now.” I’m not sure that spoiled is a bad thing for a baby. I’m also not sure that these practices would be considered “spoiled.” She became a happy baby and she happily slept in her crib when we were all ready. You see, what works for us may not work for others and what works for others may not work for us. As long as your baby is happy and you are happy, you are succeeding as a parent!! Parenting is hard work, and we question ourselves daily. You should do what works for you and be confident in your decisions! And most importantly, know that you are not alone in this thing called motherhood/parenthood!

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